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State of world’s midwifery 2011: delivering health, saving lives

Presents a body of knowledge to inform and accelerate the availability of quality midwifery services for women and newborns throughout the world. Aims to make a valuable contribution both to strengthening the midwifery workforce around the world and to the critical planning that is needed to achieve the health Millennium Development Goals. Focused on 58 countries with high rates of maternal, foetal and newborn mortality.

This report resulted from the collaborative efforts of 30 agencies and organizations and hundreds of individuals working at national, subnational, regional and global levels. It is a response to the ‘Global Call to Action’ issued at the Symposium on Strengthening Midwifery at Women Deliver in Washington, DC in June 2010.

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Published: 2011
Midwifery update

This article discusses the current state of midwifery in Canada. Seeks to make space for the discussion of the state of midwifery in order to be pro active. Reviews what is happening with midwifery in each province and discusses how to move forward. 

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Published: 1982