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Making space for young heterosexual males: gender and HIV/AIDS prevention education

Describes the results of a study that explored young heterosexual males' perceptions of sexual behaviours, roles, and responsibilities, and determined obstacles and gaps in their sexual health decision-making. Includes recommendations.

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Published: 2006
Lesbian Gay Bi Youth Line

Provides a confidential peer support phone line for lesbian, gay and bisexual youth in Ontario. Works with other organizations and agencies to provide a network of support and information to lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, two-spirited and transgendered youth. Phone numbers: 1-800-268-YOUTH (1-800-268-9688) across Ontario, or (416) 962-YOUTH (962-9688) in the 416/905 local calling area.

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A gender analysis of the stress experience of young Mi'kmaq women

Describes a research project that examined physical and mental stressors, and stressors related to social relationships among on-reserve young Mi'kmaq women.

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Published: 2003
Developing understanding from young women's experiences in obtaining sexual health services and education in a Nova Scotia commu

Examines the barriers which prevent young women from receiving maximally effective sexual health education in their schools and related services from physicians and in pharmacies.

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Published: 2000
Transforming spaces: girlhood, agency and power: conference summary report

Presents articles, stories, poetry and essays, all related to a national conference that brought together girls, grassroots workers, academics, and artists who work with/for girls and young women. // Présente des articles, histoires, comptines et poèmes reliés à une conférence nationale qui a rassemblé des filles, des femmes travaillant dans le milieu communautaire, des universitaires et des artistes travaillant avec et auprès des filles et des jeunes femmes.

Published: 2004
An exploration of the stress experience of Mi'kmaq female youth in Nova Scotia

Explores the underlying stress experiences of Mi'kmaq young women living on reserves, and seeks to develop policy and program interventions.

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Published: 2001
Self esteem

Descibes what self-esteem is, how a person with high-esteem generally feels, how a person with low self-esteem generally feels, and how to help improve children's self-esteem.

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Published: 2000
Self image

Discusses self-image, what causes positive and negative self images, and the negative consequences a negative self image may have. Emphasizes that individuals often have a negative self image at some point in their lives.

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Published: 2000
Let's talk about self esteem

Talks about different issues surrounding self esteem, self image and body image.

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Published: 2000
Are you on the right track? A healthy relationship quiz for boys and girls

Provides a quiz for young women and men to see if they can identify healthy and harmful relationships.

Published: 2002