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The mice that roared: using feminist activist principles to influence policy

Discusses how feminist activist principles can offer effective strategies for inclusive research practices, public advocay and policy change.

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Published: 2001
Women of note

Provides short biographical sketches of 8 Aboriginal women or groups that have made a difference in health care and their community and across Canada.

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Published: 2002
Guide to the groups: key organizations in biotechnology activism

Provides a detailed list of organizations, both Canadian and international, interested in the area of biotechnology and its potential impact on health.

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Intersectional feminist frameworks: an emerging vision

Explores and discusses the contributions of intersectional feminist frameworks (IFFs) to alternative approaches to re-envisioning policy change and advocacy.

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Published: 2006
The right to health: a resource manual for NGOs

Offers practical advice on how to undertake the advocacy work and monitoring strategies that are involved in adopting a human rights approach to health.

Published: 2004
The art of advocacy: a handbook for non-profit organizations

Provides a manual designed to help organizations with their advocacy and public education work, including the latest guidelines on advocacy by charities from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Published: 2004
Woman power & politics

Provides a resource to help guide women on getting or staying involved in government and politics, and on understanding where in our political systems women can maximize their power. Reviews options for democratic reform that would provide women with more access to political power and defines different forms of advocacy, including a feminist approach to organizing.

Published: 2003
Networking for policy change: an advocacy training manual
Published: 1999
Public policy toolkit

Works to contribute to the capacity of women's equality-seeking organizations to participate in the federal public policy process.

Published: 2003
E-quality for women

Examines central issues raised by women's organizations during the 2002 pan-Canadian online consultation with women and women's equality organizations and the 2003 international discussions on Women and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Published: 2003