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Canada Without Poverty previously know as National Anti-Poverty Organization

New name for national anti-poverty organization

Posted on: February 5, 2009

NAPO, the National Anti-Poverty Organization, has changed its name to Canada Without Poverty. According to their website:

"These changes are part of our repositioning for the strongest possible contribution to combating poverty, inequality and social exclusion in Canada. Our new name is meant to keep our focus squarely on the ultimate goal, and to inspire others. Our new logo is meant to suggest the rising above and out of poverty, to get above whatever one's poverty line might happen to be, and to then move forward with a better chance of fulfilling one's potential and promise as an individual and as a citizen."


Forms an organization representing the interests of low-income people in Canada. Raises public awareness about poverty and issues of concern to low-income people. Advocates the concerns, values and wishes of low-income people so that they are reflected in public policy. Researches issues of concern to poor people and sharing the results in a popular and accessible form. Works with local activists and organizations to strengthen national, provincial and local efforts to eliminate poverty. //


Forme un organsime qui représente les intérêts des gens du Canada à faible revenu. Consciente le public à la pauvreté et aux questions qui sont importantes pour les pauvres du Canada. Revendique les droits des pauvres afin que leurs préoccupations, leurs valeurs soient reflét dans les politiques publiques. Effectue et compile des recherches sur des questions d’intérêt pour les gens à faible revenu. Travaille aves les militants et les organismes locaux en vue de renforcer les efforts nationaux, provinciaux et locaux vidant à éliminer la pauvreté.

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VON Canada / VON

Forms a national health care organization that delivers home nursing, health promotion, support and other services.

VON has revitalized its caregiver bilingual website.  Go to  The site is dedicated to providing more answers, quickly and easily, to family caregivers, to better support them in their vital caregiving role.

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National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada

This is the website for a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian organization who's mission is to ensure equality for immigrant and visible minority women, within a bilingual Canada.

Credit Valley Hospital

The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre Propose Voluntary Merger to Improve Patient Care


The Boards of Directors of The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre today announced their intent to merge the two hospitals, subject to the outcomes of due diligence, to create a new single entity that will become a world-class community academic health network.


The vision for this new organization is to:


  • Provide the best quality patient care to our community, in our community,
  • Attract and retain the best health care professionals,
  • Be a leading innovator in health care well-positioned to meet the increasing demands of the future,
  • And ensure the most effective allocation and use of resources for our community by creating one patient experience within three interdependent sites.


Partnering for Patients

To help our communities to understand and become involved in the merger process, we have created the Partnering for Patients website at

 updated July 11, 2011

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Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services
Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the smallest, most intimate and most highly regarded colleges on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto. On behalf of the university, the College sponsors three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs: International Relations; Immunology; and Ethics, Society, and Law. Trinity's Faculty of Divinity is Canada's oldest Anglican theological school. The College's current Provost is Dr. Andy Orchard, former director of the Centre for Medieval Studies in the University of Toronto and a specialist in ancient languages including Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and Medieval Latin.

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Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre/ Centre régional de cancérologie du nord-est de l'Ontario

The NEORCC's mission is to control cancer and its impact on the people of Northeastern Ontario, through partnerships with patients, their families and other individuals and agencies. Provide information through their website.

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Post Partum Depression Support Group

Promotes recovery from post-partum depression/anxiety.

Meniere's Self Help

Brings together people suffering from Meniere's syndrome and provides moral support and ideas to cope with the stress associated with dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Ovarian Cancer Canada

Mobilizes support for improved diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for Ovarian Cancer and provides nationwide access to information regarding Ovarian Cancer. Forme un organisme qui offre un soutien aux femmes qui ont le cancer de l’ovaire, à leurs familles, aux femmes et à la communauté en général grâce aux campagnes et aux activités de sensibilisation, à la création et à la diffusion de matériel d’éducation dont le langage, le format et le contenu sont adaptés à un auditoire particulier et à la collecte de fonds au nom de la recherche en matière de cancer de l’ovaire.

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