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Vancouver Women's Health Collective

Values women's knowledge, supports one another to take charge of our own health, and raises awareness and inspire action for the feminist advancement of women's health. Website provides links to other sites women will find informative and relevant to their lives.

Has nurse practitioner rooms (3) and an alternate health room (counselling, reiki, etc).

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Snow Country Health Council  
No website
Mandate Goals: The Snow Country Health Council provides Acute Care, Home Support, Mental Health Counselling, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Parenting Programs, and Contracted Doctors under one administration in the Stewart Health Centre.
Core Services Provided: The Core Services it is involved in providing are; Health Promotion, Prevention and Public Health services, Treatment (acute and chronic care), Home Based Care, Mental Health Services, Substance Misuse Services, Finance, Management and Administrative Support.
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BC Naturopathic Association

The BCNA is the professional association for naturopathic physicians in BC. We act on behalf of and for the profession to promote the services provided by and the integrity and honour of the naturopathic profession.


We act to advance the scientific, educational, professional and economic welfare of all members of the profession in BC. And we act as agent, trustee or otherwise for naturopathic physicians in BC in connection with collective bargaining, remuneration for services, insurance and other legislative matters.

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Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
Forms an organization dedicated to the prevention of the abuse of older people in Canada. Website provides information to help people access and share information on abuse and neglect issues in later life, as well as learn more about what is being done across Canada to address this important health, social and legal issue. // Forme un organisme qui travaille pour éliminer les mauvais traitements envers les aîné(e)s. Site Web partage et donne accès à l’information sur ces problèmes, et met en lumière les ressources disponibles à travers le Canada en ce qui trait à l’aspect legal, santé et social de ce sujet. (See Details)
Canadian HIV Trials Network
Promotes the development of treatments, vaccines and a cure for HIV/AIDS through the conduct of scientifically sound and ethical clinical trials. Website provides information about clinical trials in Canada, including a clinical trials database. (See Details)
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, British Columbia Division
Aims to be a leader in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis, and enabling people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life. Website provides a list of multiple sclerosis (MS) clinics across Canada, and a list of recent research and medical update bulletins.
Legal Services Society
Provides legal aid for people in British Columbia who cannot afford a lawyer and are eligible, as well as legal information through publications, a law line, and their website. (See Details)
Perinatal Assistant Registry
Provides a website to help parents and practitioners learn more about Perinatal Assistants, including what they do, who may practice, where you can find a Perinatal Assistant and how you can become one yourself. (See Details)
BC Rural Women's Network
Works to bring forward rural women's voices from around British Columbia to influence change with government and industry policy on issues relating to low-income and communication services. Provides a website and communication network to share information with rural women about ongoing advocacy for change based on rural women's recommendations for change. (See Details)
First Nations Breast Cancer Society
Offers support and education to aboriginal women who have breast cancer. Website includes instructions on how to order breast self-examination and breast cancer awareness videos and how to contact healing circles in British Columbia. (See Details)