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Osteoporosis Canada - Montreal Chapter

Works to educate, empower, and assist people living in Quebec in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Maintains a toll-free telephone line and offers an osteoporosis risk factor identification service. Publishes educational pamphlets, a fitness video, a prevention kit, and a newsletter.

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Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

A non-profit organization that works to raise awareness and educate others about the prevention of disabling conditions in children.

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CHIMO Crisis Services

CHIMO prevents tragedies and saves lives. CHIMO strengthens individuals, families, and communities. CHIMO connects people with needed community resources. CHIMO builds bridges of understanding.

Created in Richmond, British Columbia in 1973, CHIMO Crisis Services now serves over 10,000 individuals and families each year from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, family lifestyles, and economic situations. CHIMO provides diverse services from community building to prevention, from individual crisis support to advocacy, and from peer support to education. CHIMO engages in collaborative community planning and develops innovative resources to address emerging needs.

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Northwestern Ontario Breast Screening Program
Osteoporosis Society of Canada

Works to educate, empower, and support individuals and communities in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Provides information to patients, health-care professionals, and the public. Website includes calcium-rich recipes and a Calcium Calculator. La Société de l'ostéoporose du Canada a pour but d'éduquer, d'haviliter et d'appuyer les personnes et les communautés en matière de prévention et de traitement de l'ostéoporose. (See Details)

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, National Crime Prevention Strategy

Aims to reduce crime and victimization by tackling crime before it happens. Provides communities with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to deal with the root causes of crime at a local level. // Forme le plan d'action du gouvernement du Canada pour réduire la criminalité en s'attaquant à ses causes profondes afin de bâtir des communautés plus fortes et plus saines. Il s'agit d'un partenariat entre Justice Canada et le Solliciteur général du Canada.

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Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition

Forms an organization that works to strengthen cancer prevention efforts by creating a high profile/effective/powerful/multi-stakeholder/sustainable coalition, evidence and suspect based, which advocates for prevention policy, education and action at the local government level and beyond.

Centre ontarien d'information en prévention
Appuie les individus, groupes et communautés dans leurs efforts pour atteindre la santé et le bien-être sur le plan social, émotionnel, physique et environnemental. Agit comme catalyseur des activités de promotion de la santé et de prévention en Ontario. Plusieurs sites Web connexes à la promotion de la santé en Ontario se trouvent sur ce site. Works to achieve social, environmental, and economic health and well-being for individuals, communities and local governments throughout Ontario. Supports healthy communities through a number of key initiatives at the local, regional, and provincial level. Hosts several Ontario-based health promotion websites. (See Details)