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Canadian College of Clinical Pharmacy

CCCP exists to advance human health and quality of life by helping pharmacy practitioners, educators and researchers to expand, support and enhance direct patient care practice. We are a chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) and, as such, support the goals and objectives of our parent organization.

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Red Deer College
Justice Institute of British Columbia

Established in 1978 with a provincial mandate under the College & Institute Act, JIBC now delivers leading edge public safety and justice education and training in BC, Canada and internationally. More than 29,000 students from over 20 countries take our programs and courses annually.

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Newfoundland Medical Board
New Brunswick College of Family Physicians
Medicine Hat College Library

Medicine Hat College is a public, board governed, comprehensive community college serving a large region of southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada. The MHC is located in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. MHC has been serving students in southeastern Alberta and beyond since 1965.

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Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the smallest, most intimate and most highly regarded colleges on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto. On behalf of the university, the College sponsors three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs: International Relations; Immunology; and Ethics, Society, and Law. Trinity's Faculty of Divinity is Canada's oldest Anglican theological school. The College's current Provost is Dr. Andy Orchard, former director of the Centre for Medieval Studies in the University of Toronto and a specialist in ancient languages including Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and Medieval Latin.

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Yukon College

Everything you need to succeed in your studies and your career is right here at Yukon College. Let us help you meet and even exceed your academic and career goals.


Whether you want to complete a degree, diploma or certificate program, or start with university transfer courses, Yukon College is the place to be. We can help you get ready to enter the workforce. We can also help you get into our programs, if you don’t yet have the prerequisites.


Just like the wide open spaces of the North, we give you all the room you need to explore what you want to get out of your post-secondary education with small, engaging classes that give you an academic advantage. Whether you complete all of your studies here or transfer to another institution, there is no better place to begin.

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