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Healthy Choices in Pregnancy

Healthy Choices in Pregnancy is a component of the BC government ActNow BC platform designed to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent illness among wonmen who use substances in the childbearing years. Organizations invovled are the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre, the BC Perinatal Health Program and the Province of British Columbia.

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Coalescing on Women and Substance Use

This site captures material from historical and ongoing projects related to women’s substance use in Canada.  The projects described here have been sponsored by the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health with the involvement of many partners. The site was first mounted to share the findings of the Coalescing on Women and Substance Use: Linking Research Practice and Policy project (2003-2008) a project that sparked short-term virtual communities of practice (vCoP) on six key topics related to women's substance use in Canada. New material continues to be added from both virtual and F2F projects, for example on projects related to girls and heavy alcohol use, and on applying a gender lens to work on the National Framework for Action to Reduce the Harms Associated with Alcohol and Other Drugs and Substances in Canada. 

The aim of this site to share and promote action on promising approaches to responding to substance use by girls and women, on the part of service providers, researchers, health system planners and decision makers.