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Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine

Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine offers a resource of scientific and medical information about Addiction, for professionals and the general public. Bulletin articles with news and views, Definitions, Policy Statements, and networking are available to improve the understanding, assessment, treatment, prevention and research related to Addiction Medicine in Canada and around the world.

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German Federal Congress of Development Action Groups
Encourages rational use of drugs. Advocates against irresponsible business practices of multinational pharamaceutical companies, focussing on Germany and various Third World countries. Cooperates with doctors and pharmacists, consumer organisations, students and a network of 200 Third World groups in Germany. Collaborates with groups in more than 70 countries through participation in network of Health Action International (HAI). (See Details)
Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group
Provides information to psychiatric medication users and their families about the potential risks of psychiatric drugs, about withdrawing safely from psychiatric medications, and about recovery. Educates health professionals and the public about the risks of psychiatric medications. (See Details)