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PharmaWatch Canada

Works to highlight and validate consumer experiences and heighten consumer involvement in adverse drug reaction reporting. Aims to facilitate networking among individual patients/consumers and advocacy groups who share our concerns about the lack of adequate post-market monitoring by the pharmaceutical industry and Health Canada. Also aims to raise public awareness about the role of consumers/patients in reporting their own adverse drug reactions - or those experienced by their children, a spouse, a brother or sister, or a parent. Teaches people how to report an ADR, how to encourage others to report, and what role ADR reporting has played or can play to help ensure the medicine we take is right for us.

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Consumer Health Organization of Canada
German Federal Congress of Development Action Groups
Encourages rational use of drugs. Advocates against irresponsible business practices of multinational pharamaceutical companies, focussing on Germany and various Third World countries. Cooperates with doctors and pharmacists, consumer organisations, students and a network of 200 Third World groups in Germany. Collaborates with groups in more than 70 countries through participation in network of Health Action International (HAI). (See Details)
DES Action Canada
Identifies, educates, supports, and advocates for people exposed to the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol), which was prescribed to some pregnant women between 1941 and 1971. Works to prevent similar public health problems, particularly in the field of reproductive health care. Web site includes information and advice for mothers who took DES, their daughters, and their sons. (See Details)