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Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

The Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital ( is a general and specialized care hospital focusing on rehabilitation. It is also the regional centre for pediatric and adult clientele with disabilities in the Laval area. It provides clientele with disabilities caused by physical health problems or physical impairment with specialized services in intensive functional rehabilitation, socio-professional, socio-residential, and community integration, accommodation in non-institutional residences, and access to technical assistance. The objective of these services is the recovery of optimal autonomy and the social integration and participation of clients.  The JRH is a designated bilingual establishment welcoming a culturally diverse clientele while maintaining traditional links with its founding Jewish community.

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Hillsborough Hospital

The Hillsborough Hospital and Special Care Centre is a 75 bed psychiatric hospital. The hospital provides medical services for individuals who are facing acute or enduring mental illnesses.

As the provincial in-patient psychiatric facility, Hillsborough Hospital's mission is to offer specialized acute and long-term treatment and rehabilitation to the people of Prince Edward Island who have enduring mental illness, mental handicaps, and psychogeriatric conditions.

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Camrose Community Health Services

For more information please contact the facility.

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Association for the Neurologically Disabled of Canada (AND)

Helps anyone who has a non-progressive brain injury: stroke, autism, Down Syndrome, trauma or Cerebral Palsy (but not Alzheimer's Disease). The focus is to rehabilitate when and wherever possible.

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Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation
Promotes physical, psychological and social rehabilitation services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Develops rehabilitation resources, knowledge, and awareness. Web site offers news, research, and educational resources including, a newsletter for health service professionals. (See Details)