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Québec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG)

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community. With such a broad mandate, QPIRG brings together a wide range of activists interested in many different issues.

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International POP's Elimination Network

IPEN is a unique global network of people and public interest organizations, which respects and enjoys a wide diversity of cultures, skills and knowledge. Together we share a common commitment to achieve a toxic-free future where chemical production, use and disposal does not harm people and the environment. We welcome you to the IPEN family to work together for the elimination of the world's toxic legacy and to ensure safe alternatives for the protection of all living things and the prevention of future contamination world wide."

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Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment

Forms an independent, multi-disciplinary research and education resource for Indigenous Peoples, created by Canada's Aboriginal leaders.

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National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
Provides decision makers, opinion leaders and the Canadian public with advice and recommendations for promoting sustainable development. Identifies key issues with both environmental and economic implications, examines these implications and suggests how to balance economic prosperity with environmental preservation. // Offre aux décideurs, aux guides d'opinion ainsi qu'aux Canadiennes et aux Canadiens des conseils et des recommandations au sujet de la promotion d'un développement durable. Définit les grands dossiers qui entraînent des conséquences à la fois sur l'économie et l'environnement, examinent leurs répercussions et recommandent des mesures d'équilibre entre la prospérité économique et la sauvegarde de l'environnement. (See Details)
World Wildlife Federation - United Kingdom
Seeks to influence global environmental issues through responsible actions, raises crucial environmental issues with policy-makers, business and industries, around the world.
Worldwatch Institute

Delivers the insights and ideas that empower decision makers to create an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs. Focuses on the 21st-century challenges of climate change, resource degradation, population growth, and poverty by developing and disseminating solid data and innovative strategies for achieving a sustainable society.

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