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Elizabeth Bruyere Health Centre
BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, Sexual Assault Service

Provides sensitive medical care, forensic evidence collection and emotional support. It s a patient-centred program, promoting choices and self-empowerment and works closely with the RCMP and the Vancouver Police, and has female physicians and specialized nurses (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) providing 24-hour care. The Sexual Assault Service team also works with communities around the province to assist them in the implementation of sexual assault services, including the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program.

BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, Woman Abuse Response Program
Promotes and supports the health care and safety needs of women experiencing abuse through program development, staff training and education, and research and resource materials related to health care practices involving the abuse of women.
Sexual Assault Care Centre
Provides a specialized team of doctors, nurses and counsellors who provide emergency medical treatment and emotional support to youth (over the age of 12), women, and men who have experienced a recent sexual assault. Also provides counsellors to anyone sexually assaulted within the past two years. Provides education to schools, professionals and community groups on medical, legal and emotional aspects of sexual assault. Web site includes information for sexual assault victims, including answers to frequently asked questions and medical information. (See Details)