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Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association

The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association (MPhA) was established in 1878 and is the pharmacy regulatory and licensing authority in Manitoba. The principal mandate of MPhA is protection of the public.
To fulfill our mandate, the MPhA:

  • Registers and licenses pharmacists and pharmacies;
  • Ensures compliance with requirements, legislation and standards of pharmacy practice;
  • Supports continued maintenance of competence of practising pharmacists; and
  • Through continuous quality improvement strives for excellence in the provision of patient-centred pharmacy practice and improved patient health outcomes.

The MPhA is a founding member of Canada's National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) and is a member of District Five of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). In 2004, the NABP awarded the MPhA the Fred T. Mahaffey Award in recognition of "outstanding efforts to protect public health and welfare".

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Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs

CCAPP is responsible for the accreditation of the professional degree program in pharmacy at the universities in Canada and of pharmacy technician programs in the college-level system. CCAPP also conducts accreditation services and prepares evaluation reports for selected international professional pharmacy degree and pharmacy technician programs meeting CCAPP criteria for international reviews.

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Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians

CAPT is the national association providing an influential voice, leadership and support to pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support staff facilitating practice excellence contributing to positive health outcomes.

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New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association Inc.

The New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association is committed to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy and the implementation of programs to help its members provide quality and economically viable pharmacy services to those they serve.


Aims and Objectives of the New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association Inc.


1. To enhance the profession of pharmacy in New Brunswick by providing the leadership necessary to continually improve the economic well-being, the quality of life, and the professional image of the pharmacist.


2. To promote the professional practice of pharmacy in New Brunswick.


3. To develop and maintain constructive dialogue with other groups, agencies and governments for discussion and resolution of any matters arising from the professional and economic activities of the members or which otherwise may affect the well-being of the members.


4. To collect develop and disseminate information which responds to the needs of members.


5. To develop and administer such benefits as may better serve the interests and well-being of the members.

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Ontario College of Pharmacists

The mission of the Ontario College of Pharmacists is to regulate the practice of pharmacy, through the participation of the public and the profession, in accordance with standards of practice which ensure that our members provide the public with quality pharmaceutical service and care.

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Amgen Canada Inc
Multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in California. Focusing on biotechnology, their research and product development programs aim to help patients in four critical areas: nephrology, hematology and oncology, bone and inflammation, and neurology and endocrinology. Produce breast and Ovarian cancer medication. Committed to dramatically improving people's lives.