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Femmes sous lois musulmanes
Forms a network created to break women’s isolation and to provide linkages and support to all women whose lives may be affected by Muslim laws. Works to build a network of mutual solidarity and information flow. Facilitates interaction and contact between women from Muslim countries and communities and between them and progressive and feminist groups at large. Promotes the exposure of women from one geographical area to another in and outside the Muslim world. Undertakes common projects identified by and executed through network participants. Forme un réseau créé en vue de briser l’isolation des femmes et d’offrir un soutien, ainsi qu’une opportunité de nouer des liens, à toutes les femmes dont les vies peuvent être affectées par les lois musulmanes. Favorise la rencontre et l’interaction entre femmes de pays ou de communautés musulmanes, et entre celles-ci et des progressistes et féministes dans le monde. Favorise les échanges-invitations d’un lieu à un autre, à l’intérieur du monde musulman et à l’extérieur. Entreprend des projets communs identifiés et mis en place par des participantes au réseau WLUML. (See Details)
Islamic Social Services Association
Addresses the social service concerns Muslims have. Aims to provide support to social service providers through education, training and services. (See Details)
Canadian Council of Muslim Women
Forms an organization that works to: attain and maintain equality, equity, and empowerment for all Canadian Muslim women; promote Muslim women's identity in the Canadian context; assist Muslim women to gain an understanding of their rights, responsibilities, and roles in Canadian society; promote and encourage rapprochement and interfaith dialogue between Muslims and other faith communities; contribute to Canadian society the knowledge, life experiences and ideas of Muslim women for the benefit of all; strengthen the bonds of sisterhood among the Muslim communities and among Muslim individuals; stimulate Islamic thinking and action among Muslim women in the Canadian setting; acknowledge and respect the cultural differences among Canadian Muslim women and to recognize and develop our common cultural heritage; promote a better understanding of Islam and the Islamic way of life in the North American setting; represent Canadian Muslim women at national and international forums; encourage the organization and coordination of Muslim women's organizations across Canada. (See Details)