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Women's Policy Office, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Central agency within the Newfoundland government coordinating the development of programs and policies for the benefit of women in the province. Their mandate is to achieve social and economic equality for all women in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Forms a feminist web site that provides the Directory of Canadian Women’s Resources, a searchable database of over 4,000 women’s groups in Canada, a Links Section, which contains thousands of annotated links to international and Canadian women’s sites, and a News and Resources, including Bulletin Boards. / Forme un site Web féministe offrant les ressources suivantes : l’Annuaire des ressources pour femmes du Canada, une base de données consultable qui regroupe plus de 4 000 groupes de femmes au Canada, une section Liens, qui regroupe des centaines d’hyperliens annotés vers des sites internationaux et canadiens de femmes, et une section Nouvelles et ressources, y compris des babillards d’information. (See Details)