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PeerNetBC has been helping people connect since 1986, providing resources for peer groups and peer-led initiatives. Our resources and services are available for community members and groups across British Columbia, including online, rural, multicultural and youth engagement initiatives. PeerNetBC is a non-profit, registered charitable organization.




PeerNetBC provides training, resources and support to peer-led initiatives across British Columbia, fostering opportunities for people to learn and make connections.

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Manitoba Farm & Rural Stress Line

Provides confidential support, counselling, and information to farm and rural families. Web site offers tips on how to manage stress, as well as links to other related sites.

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Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research
Forms an interdisciplinary research centre with faculty investigators, affiliated investigators and research staff from various disciplines: administration, economics, epidemiology, geography, gerontology, kinesiology, medicine, nursing, social work and sociology. Most studies are conducted by interdisciplinary research teams. (See Details)
La pratique infirmiere en regions éloignées et rurales du Canada
Forms three-year project is to examine and articulate the nature of registered nursing practice in primary care, acute care, community health, continuing care (home care), and long term care settings within rural and remote Canada. Examines what nursing is really like in rural and remote communities and explore how nurses can best be educated and supported in their work. // Forme une recherche de trois années qui a pour but d'analyser et de mieux comprendre la nature de la pratique infirmière dans divers milieux de soins en régions éloignées et rurales du Canada: soins de santé primaires, soin aï, santé communautaire, soins à domicile, soins de longue durée. S'intéresse à ce que signifie "être infirmière" dans les communautés éloignées et/ou rurales afin de mieux cerner les besoins d'encadrement et de formation. (See Details)
Women's Health in Rural Communities
Forms a partnership between the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC), Dalhousie University, and the IWK Health Sciences Centre devoted to studying the health of young rural women and the issues that surround healthy living in rural settings. (See Details)
Rural Maternity Care New Emerging Team
Forms a team working together to achieve a comprehensive understanding of rural maternity care services in British Columbia. Provides evidence-based research to affect policy and practice decisions for maternity care in BC. (See Details)
BC Rural Network
Aims to build stronger rural and remote communities in BC by promoting better understanding of rural issues across all jurisdictions, and developing responses to rural issues. (See Details)