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The Aboriginal Circle of Life Diabetes Support Group
Provides peer support for Aboriginal people with diabetes. Also provides educational support in the self-management of diabetes.
American Diabetes Association
Provides diabetes research, information and advocacy. (See Details)
Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
Supports Aboriginal communities by working to decrease the high incidence of diabetes and its complications through prevention, intervention, and management activities. Web site includes an events page, a newsletter, pamphlets about different diabetes prevention and management issues, and links to related resources. (See Details)
National Aboriginal Diabetes Association
Forms an organization that supports individuals, families and communities to access resources for diabetes prevention, education and research. Creates partnerships with organizations committed to the prevention and management of diabetes. Promotes community wellness as a strategy to prevent diabetes. (See Details)
Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health
Forms a health centre whose mandate is to prevent ill health, treat illness, and provide support and aftercare programming. Services are offered in a culturally sensitive way that welcomes, accepts and represents all Aboriginal peoples. A satellite health centre is provided for the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation community at Golden Lake. Offers an integrated, holistic approach to health encompassing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being. (See Details)
Association canadienne du diabète
Promotes the health of Canadians through diabetes research, education, and advocacy. Provides news and information for health professionals, those living with diabetes, and the general public. Web site includes a diabetes dictionary of related terminology. (See Details)
Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project
Works to prevent type 2 diabetes in Kahnawake and empower community members to care for their personal and family health through continual improvement of their diabetes prevention model based on Kanien’keha values. Collaborates with all community organizations on a shared vision of diabetes prevention activities that reach all community members. (See Details)
Diabetes Voice

The quarterly magazine of the International Diabetes Federation. It covers the latest developments in diabetes care, education, prevention, research, health policy and economics, as well as themes related to living with diabetes. Experts are invited to share their knowledge and views on these subjects in special issues of the magazine. Special issues have focussed on subjects such as eating and diabetes; the diabetic foot; the metabolic syndrome; insulin and diabetes supplies; diabetes in young people; diabetes education; chronic disease management.

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Diabetes and the Environment

Website of Sarah Howard, National Coordinator of The Collaborative on Health and the Environment's Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum Working Group. Provides links to research and other information on the relationships between environmental chemicals and the development of diabetes.

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