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Greater Vancouver Vietnamese Women's Society

A non-profit volunteer based society which provides parenting, youth, heritage language, and citizenship preparation programs. Operates a weekly radio program which orients listeners to Canadian life, maintains cultural heritage, and provides family life education.

Parents Support Services Society of BC

Formerly British Columbia Parents In Crisis Society


To realize our vision and mission we create opportunities for parents and grandparents that foster independence and personal responsibility, and by creating cost-effective and comprehensive community based services in cooperation with public and private partners.


Our staff is dedicated to providing these services with respect, compassion, and accountability, and to championing the Canadian Charter of Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


We support families and their rights in this way because we value inclusion, social justice, and collaboration. And we believe that, when we work together and learn from each other, these values can transform conflict into understanding; that understanding can transform hurt-filled households into healthy homes; and that healthy families can transform unjust societies into strong communities.


That is why, at PSS, our goal is to build healthy communities, one family at a time.

Pregnancy Distress Family Support Services

"Pregnancy & Family Support Services is an inner-city agency dedicated to offering services that support pregnant women, foster family life, empower individuals and grow community".

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YWCA Teen Mothers Program (Toronto)
Provides the opportunity to make new friends, discover creative parenting, talk about your interests and concerns, plan your future, have a break from your child and learn to access services in your community. Professionally facilitated. (See Details)
Assists grandparents and family members who are raising grandchildren or extended family members by providing support and information. (See Details)
Yukon Family Services
Provides counselling services for family, individuals, children and couples in the Yukon Territory.
Assistance parents
Presents a national, bilingual telephone and Internet service offering confidential support, information and referrals to parents of children aged 0 to 19 years. Provides access to counselling in areas such as child welfare, child and adolescent development, child psychology, and other challenges faced by parents.
Gays and Lesbians Parenting Together
Explores options in parenting for gay/lesbian people. Provides a potential meeting place for potential co-parents as well as a support group for gay/lesbian parents.
Parent Development Centre
Supports parents of children of all ages who may be experiencing uncertainty as a result of family life crisis, stress or depression. Provides support for women experiencing post-partum depression, a parent stress line, and groups for parents which are supportive, informative and educational.