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Women With Disabilities Action Group

The Women with Disabilities Health Action group, a satellite group of Pacific DAWN: DisAbled Women's Network, is a non-profit group, which works to improve the health and well being of women who have disabilities through self help and advocacy. Advocacy, via information referral, assists women with finding solutions to problems in getting health and well being needs met. The Vancouver based group meets bi-monthly. Women who are interested in joining please call 253-5665.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Works toward empowering blind, visually impaired, and deafblind people to participate fully in a sighted world. Services provided include consultation in travel training; Braille, tape, and electronic information; employment; environmental accessibility; technology; sight enhancement; eye banks; and community integration.

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Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability

Forms a partnership of 14 national associations whose common goal is to facilitate active living opportunities for Canadians with a disability. Offers referrals and local advocacy training through regional workshops.

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Disabled Women United for Change Kingston
Kingston chapter of a provincial feminist organization controlled by women with disabilities, made up of women with disabilities and non-disabled women who support women with disabilities in their struggle to control their own lives.
Provides breast and cervical cancer screening for women with disabilities who are not able to have these exams in their doctor's office. Does not require doctor's referral, but clients do need a family doctor to receive test results. (See Details)
United Disabled Consumers Association
Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities
Forms an organization dedicated to the inclusion, job retention, and advancement of current and future professionals with disabilities. (See Details)
T.A.N. Transportation Action Now Inc.
The Canadian Abilities Foundation
Canadian Abilities Foundation's mission is to provide information, inspiration and opportunities to Canadians with disabilities, their family, friends and the entire spectrum of professionals working in their service. (See Details)