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Hepatitis C Prevention, Support and Research Program

Provides information on Hepatitis C policies, programs and research relating to disease surveillance, prevention and control, health promotion, and community action. // Offre des renseignements sur le virus hépatite C en matière de politiques, de programmes et de recherches reliés à la surveillance et à la prévention de la maladie, à la lutte contre la maladie, à la promotion de la santé et à l'action communautaire.

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Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis
Works to ensure that Health Canada's policies and programs are responsive to sex and gender differences and to women's health needs, increase knowledge and understanding of women's health and women's health needs, support the provision of effective health services to women, and promote good health through preventive measures and the reduction of risk factors that most imperil the health of women. (See Details)
Health Canada
Health Canada is the federal department responsible for helping the people of Canada maintain and improve their health. (See Details)
Division of Aging and Seniors
Assists and advises the Minister of Health on all matters related to the aging of the Canadian population and the quality of life of seniors. Provides recommendations to current and upcoming issues and activities that reinforce the Council's advisory capacity. (See Details)
Division of Childhood and Adolescence
Provides a focal point for policy development, research, and strategic analysis of trends regarding broad determinants of health regarding children and youth in Canada. (See Details)