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QWOC: Queer Women of Colour

Forms an organization for Aboriginal, mixed-race, racial, ethnic and cultural minority women and girls who are questioning their sexuality and/or who identify with bisexual, dyke, transgendered, queer, lesbian. A Victoria-based social and political group that promotes awareness and action around queer and racial issues.

New Experiences for Latin American Refugee Women
Provides essential settlement services to refugee and immigrant women. Helps orient women to the country and reach their goals to become contributing members of society. Resource listing.
SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective
Works to educate women of color and policy makers on reproductive and sexual health and rights, and towards the access of health services, information and resources that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. (See Details)
Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network
Forms a network that coordinates the activities of member groups around common objectives, such as promoting women's health and improving their quality of life. Promotes women's health, rights and citizenship, throughout their entire lifecycle, from childhood to old age. Contributes to legitimize the concept, defense and exercise of reproductive and sexual rights. Disseminates and democratizes knowledge in health and promote the exchange of experiences and information among women. Encourages women to exercise their rights as citizens in health at all levels. Promotes and facilitates women's empowerment, including their participation in public policy decision-making. Publishes a quarterly journal entitled Women's Health Journal/Revista Mujer Salud. (See Details)