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Multicultural Women's Organization of Newfoundland & Labrador

Works to identify the needs of multicultural women and provide social support in terms of cultural, social, political, economic and educational areas at the provincial level, and to be an advocate on issues dealing with immigrant and visible minority women. Provides speaker series and forums addressing issues and concerns of immigrant and visible minority women. Also produces a newsletter.

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Vancouver & Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services Society

Provides culturally-sensitive services to immigrant and visible minority women, children, and families who are experiencing family violence. Bilingual/bicultural workers provide individual and group counselling women in situations of family violence prior to, during, and after their stay in a transition house; supportive services for interactions with the legal and social systems; and volunteer training to develop organizational and leadership skills. Also provides supportive counselling and referral for women who are victims of sexual assault or adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. (See Details)

Canadian Council on Multicultural Health

Works to promote and support an integrated health care system for persons who face inequities and barriers to access by virtue of their cultural and/or ethnic origin. Educates the public and health professionals on issues relating to health and culture. Advocates for policies and legislations to address inequities and barriers to access. Contributes to knowledge development in health and culture through research conducted in partnership with communities using a participaroty process.

Across Boundaries

Forms an ethnoracial community mental health centre which provides a range of services and supports to people from communities of colour who are experiencing severe mental health problems/severe mental illness.

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Immigrant, Refugee and Visible Minority Women of Saskatchewan
Works to raise public awareness about issues affecting immigrant, refugee and visible minority (IRVM) women. Promotes the participation of IRVM women in Canadian society. Provides education, counselling and language classes. Administers the Health of Immigrant Children Project. Undertakes research and public advocacy activities on issues concerning IRVM women. Networks with other equity seeking organizations. Offices in Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon and Yorkton.
National Minority AIDS Council
Forms an organization dedicated to developing leadership within communities of colour to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Works to promote sound national HIV/AIDS, health and social policies that are responsive to the needs of the diverse communities of colour impacted by HIV/AIDS and to increase the participation of people of colour in policy-making bodies. (See Details)
Culture and Mental Health Research Unit
Conducts research on depression, anxiety and somatization among Canadian First Nations and Inuit peoples, immigrants and refugees, and in multicultural primary care settings. (See Details)
Multicultural Association of Fredericton
Forms an organization that disseminates and advances ethnocultural education in the community; encourages and promotes the concept of multiculturalism; assists new arrivals in the community by providing referral services and English as a Second Language Classes; sponsors social events that promote intercultural contacts; and organizes conferences and seminars to sensitize the community in Fredericton and the surrounding areas. (See Details)
Ressources Ethnoculturelles Contre l'Abus envers les Aîné(e)s
Forme une initiative de travailleuses communautaires, d'organismes et d'individus des communautés ethnoculturelles. Sensibilise la collectivité aux mauvais traitements envers les aîné(e)s des communautés ethnoculturelles. Élabore des stratégies pour prévenir les abus en tenant compte de la langue et de la culture des aîné(e)s. Offre aux aîné(e)s de ces communautés la possibilité de participer à la sensibilisation et à l'éducation du public ainsi qu'à la mise en commun de ressources. // Forms an initiative of community workers, organizations and individuals from the ethnocultural communities. Raises awareness of elder mistreatment within the ethnocultural communities. Develops strategies for abuse prevention that respect the language and cultural perspectives of our elders. Provides opportunities for elders from the ethnocultural communities to participate in the work of raising awareness, resource building and networking.