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Yukon Council on Aging

Forms a non profit organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life for Yukon Seniors and Elders by lobbying all levels of governments.

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Community Care East York

Provides a continuum of supportive services for older adults, persons with disibilities and caregivers in East York which enhances their independence, good health and well-being.

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The Aboriginal Circle of Life and Wellspring Cancer Support Group
Meets with other members of the aboriginal community who are dealing with cancer and their loved ones. Shares feelings and worries. Teaches members on ways to cope with stress, access help in the community and take part in aboriginal customs and traditions. Professionally facilitated.
Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
Strives to enrich the quality of life of the elderly by addressing the diverse needs of an aging population. Provides programs and services which include specialized outpatient, mental health, residential, recreational and medical support services. (See Details)
University of Regina, Centre for Continuing Education, Seniors' Education Centre
Provides opportunity for continuing learning in a university context for those 55 and over. (See Details)
Sharing the Caring
Provides information and resources concerning aging and caregiver stress in the form of group discussions, presentations, guest speakers and videos.
Canadian Association on Gerontology
Helps to foster research, education, and policy aimed at improving the quality of life of Canadian seniors. (See Details)
Manitoba Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat
Acts as a central point of contact for seniors, their family members and organizations. Also works to ensure government policies, programs and legislation reflect the needs of seniors. Sert de point de contact central pour les personnes âgées, les membres de leur famille et les organismes qui leur sont consacrés. Consiste également à s’assurer que les politiques, les programmes et les dispositions législatives du gouvernement répondent adéquatement aux besoins des personnes âgées. (See Details)