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All Nations Hope AIDS Network
Increases awareness of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C among Aboriginal Peoples living in Saskatchewan. Provides educational workshops on prevention throughout the province. Offers support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C and to their families. (See Details)
Hepatitis C Prevention, Support and Research Program

Provides information on Hepatitis C policies, programs and research relating to disease surveillance, prevention and control, health promotion, and community action. // Offre des renseignements sur le virus hépatite C en matière de politiques, de programmes et de recherches reliés à la surveillance et à la prévention de la maladie, à la lutte contre la maladie, à la promotion de la santé et à l'action communautaire.

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Blood Ties Four Directions Centre
Offers confidential information, counseling and support. Provides a drop in center for HIV positive persons, family and friends. Book and video library, free condoms, confidential needle exchange program and education sessions. (See Details)
Prisoners' HIV/AIDS Support Action Network
Forms a community-based network of prisoners, ex-prisoners, organizations, activists and individuals working together to provide advocacy, education, and support to prisoners on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C (HCV) and related issues. (See Details)