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National Indian and Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization
Works to upgrade the quality of health care of Indian and Inuit people to the standard of health enjoyed by the rest of the population of Canada. (See Details)
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Supports First Nations and Inuit in developing healthy, sustainable communities and in achieving their economic and social aspirations. Delivers services such as education, housing, and community infrastructure to Status Indians on-reserve, and social assistance and social support services to residents on-reserve. (See Details)
Tungasuvvingat Inuit
Offers a community-based counselling and resource centre, a supportive environment that attempts to duplicate the community spirit and cultural surrounding of the Inuit homelands. (See Details)
Irnisuksiiniq-Inuit Midwifery Network
Seeks to advance the cause of returning birthing to Inuit communities by supporting Inuit midwives and maternity care workers and those who work with them with a variety of information services. (See Details)
Nuluaq Project
Works to improve the coordination of abuse prevention services and resources in Inuit communities. Conducts research, provides a national Inuit database for abuse prevention and women's shelters and shares information with the public. (See Details)