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Sexual Health Centre for Lunenburg County

Provides counselling and education around birth control, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections, healthy relationships, respecting sexual orientation, sexual harassment, and other sexual health issues.

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Sexuality Education Resource Centre (Winnipeg)

Formerly Planned Parenthood Manitoba, SERC acts as advocate, educator and facilitator on issues related to sexuality and

reproductive health. Works closely with advisory committees from numerous communities on community and professional 
education programs. 
Facts of Life Program services:
  • “Ask a Question” by confidential email and receive a response within two working days at
  • Web site for community, parents, youth, and service providers at
  • “The Sex Files” radio show Thursdays’ at 9:00 pm on CKUW 95.9 FM
  • The Sexuality Education Network list serve for service providers:
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British Columbia Reproductive Mental Health Program
Serves women with psychiatric disorders specifically related to their reproductive cycle. Also assists women throughout the province through services in outpatient clinics, consultations, hospital visits, and community workshops. (See Details)
Planned Parenthood North Shore
Provides a variety of sexual and reproductive health information and services to the North Shore region.
Halifax Sexual Health Centre (formerly Planned Parenthood Metro Clinic)

Offers a wide variety of sexual health care information and services in Halifax.

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Family Health International (FHI 360)

An organization that operates in collaboration with a worldwide network of government agencies, research institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector entities, and offers a broad spectrum of technical services ranging from clinical research to advising governments on national health policy. Contributes to significant advances in public health through research, training and information to improve family planning and reproductive health service delivery and HIV/AIDS and STD prevention and care programs.

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Global Reproductive Health Forum

Forms an organization that aims to encourage the proliferation of critical, democratic discussions about reproductive health, rights, and gender on the net. Site provides links to resources, global discussions, and forums.

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Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon (formerly Planned Parenthood Saskatoon Centre)

Provides free counselling and information on pregnancy options, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual health. Operates a free youth sexual and reproductive health clinic.

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Planned Parenthood Alberta

Provides a resource centre, conducts research, publishes a newsletter, and offers public workshops. Web site includes a description of the resource library's holdings.

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Planned Parenthood Windsor/Essex County

Provides sexual health information services in western Ontario and supplies trained volunteers for community events and school information fairs.