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Provides authoritative information to pregnant or lactating women and their health care providers regarding research on the fetal risks associated with drug, chemical, infection, disease and radiation exposure(s) during pregnancy.

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Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Promotes informed debate on substance abuse issues and encourages public participation in reducing the harm associated with drug abuse. Disseminates information on the nature, extent and consequences of substance abuse; and assists organizations involved in substance abuse treatment, prevention and educational programming. (See Details)
Tillicum Haus Health Centre

The Substance Abuse Counselor provides an intervention substance abuse counseling services to individual's, family and group counseling, life skills, training, coping skills, referral, programs for family and friends of person's with substance misuse problems. Recovery circle provides pre and post residential treatment care and a holistic approach.

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Saltspring Community Services


The VISION of Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society is to support an inclusive community in which everyone lives in a healthy, caring and sustainable environment.


The MISSION of Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society is to plan for and provide quality services to support and strengthen individuals, families and communities.

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Snow Country Health Council  
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Mandate Goals: The Snow Country Health Council provides Acute Care, Home Support, Mental Health Counselling, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Parenting Programs, and Contracted Doctors under one administration in the Stewart Health Centre.
Core Services Provided: The Core Services it is involved in providing are; Health Promotion, Prevention and Public Health services, Treatment (acute and chronic care), Home Based Care, Mental Health Services, Substance Misuse Services, Finance, Management and Administrative Support.
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Jean Tweed Centre

Provides a treatment facility for women 16 and over with substance abuse problems from throughout Ontario and is funded by the Ministry of Health.

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Sheway Project

Offers practical support, health care, and counselling for high-risk pregnant women (up to 18 months after the birth) who have drug or alcohol issues and are involved in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Aims to support healthy pregnancies and positive early parenting experiences.

Women in Active Recovery
Provides education, self-help and social support for women with addictions.
Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme
Regulates controlled substances and promotes initiatives that reduce or prevent the harm associated with these substances and alcohol. (See Details)
Charlford House Society for Women
Provides a ten bed facility for women with substance abuse problems, for women aged 19 and over. (See Details)