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North Cariboo Métis Association
Our clients are parents mom's and dad's who may have trouble with the law or have family issues. We help our clients as a whole. They usually have other issues such as: alcohol, drug, Residential Tenancy issues, Welfare, Disability, poverty, Residential School issues, some clients need referral to the Mental Health, probations, assist clients with paperwork, in addition, accompany clients to appointments with the Ministry as an advocate or a support person.
York Community Services

Forms a community-based charitable organization offering a broad range of primary health care, legal services, counselling, housing help and community support programs to residents of York. Services are targeted to families at risk, primarily single mothers and low-income families, newcomers and refugees, adults with developmental and/or mental health difficulties and seniors and the frail elderly - with the overall goal of building healthy families, individuals and communities.

Ontario Women's Justice Network

Provides a legal resource for women's organisations and individuals working on issues relating to justice and violence against women and children. Works to demystify the legal system.

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Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Addresses legal, ethical, and policy issues associated with HIV and AIDS and promotes responses to HIV infection and AIDS that respect human rights. Provides legal information to people living with HIV or AIDS, others affected by the disease, and professionals working in the field.

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Association nationale de la femme et du droit
Forms an organization that seeks to promote the equality right of women through legal education, research and law reform advocacy. Groupe de femmes pan-canadien à caractère non lucratif qui appuie les droits des femmes à l'égalité par un travail d'éducation, de recherche et de réforme active du droit et qui travaille à l'amélioration du statut juridique des femmes du Canada en exigeant des réformes législatives. (See Details)
ARCH: A Legal Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities
Forms a specialty legal aid clinic dedicated to defending and advancing the equality-rights of persons with disabilities. Provides free, confidential, basic legal information as it relates to disability. Engages in test case litigation on behalf of groups and individuals, primarily in higher courts. Provides public legal education to persons with disabilities regarding legal rights and new developments in the law. Provides a library and resource centre dealing with human rights, employment, social assistance and accessibility, among other areas of interest to persons with disabilities. (See Details)
Legal Services Society
Provides legal aid for people in British Columbia who cannot afford a lawyer and are eligible, as well as legal information through publications, a law line, and their website. (See Details)
Center for Reproductive Rights
A non-profit legal organization that promotes and defends women's reproduction rights within the US and internationally. Addresses such topics as human rights, equality, adolescents, safe pregnancy, abortion, and contraception. Website contains press releases, publications, an online bookstore, US legal documents relevant to reproductive rights, reproductive information by region, and discussions of current policy issues.
Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)
Promotes equality for women primarily using the sex equality provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; sponsors test cases before the Canadian courts, human rights commissions and government agencies on behalf of women; to provide public education on the issue of sex equality. (See Details)
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
Provides a free counselling, legal and cultural interpreter service for women age 18 or over who have experienced physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse. (See Details)