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Center for Health and Gender Equity
Forms an international reproductive health and rights organization that seeks to ensure that the operational policies and practices of international institutions promote informed choices in the delivery of reproductive health technologies, including contraceptive methods, are based on gender-sensitive approaches to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases, address gender-based violence and coercion as a key factor in high rates of reproductive morbidity and mortality, and as a violation of women's fundamental human rights, promote the development of equitable health systems through health sector reforms that are responsive to reproductive and sexual rights concerns. Analyzes key operational policies and the involvement of U.S.-supported donor institutions within focus countries conducting field research and demonstration projects to fill critical gaps in information. Develops conceptual frameworks to change the discourse within and across issue areas. Analyzes program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Advocates for changes in budgets and priorities, and in the legal and policy framework of U.S. international assistance. (See Details)
UN Platform for Action Committee Manitoba
The UN Platform for Action Committee Manitoba (UNPAC) was established in 1995 to advocate for the implementation of the Platform for Action and other United Nations agreements which advance women’s equality. UNPAC’s predecessor was the UN Decades for Women, which was formed when Manitoba women participated in the Third World Conference on Women in 1985. Ten years later, 30 Manitoba women went to Beijing for the Fourth World Conference on Women, participating in both the UN conference and the parallel NGO (non-governmental organization) Conference. They returned to Manitoba with a commitment to see the recommendations in the Platform for Action implemented. UNPAC supports the objectives of the Platform for Action by working through community action and with other organizations, locally and globally, for equality, development, and peace. (See Details)
Gender at Work
Works with development and human rights practitioners, researchers and policy makers to develop new theory and practice on how organizations can change gender-biased institutional rules, values, and practices. Aims to change the political, accountability, cultural and knowledge systems of organizations to challenge social norms and gender inequity. Website contains descriptions of projects they are undertaking, a discussion forum, and an e-zine. (See Details)
UN Women

Created in July 2010 by the United Nations General Assembly as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

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Women’s Housing Equality Network

A national organization working on women's housing issues in Canada. Includes representatives from every province and territory. WHEN has been working since 2003 to improve poor women's housing conditions across the country.  WHEN aims to put women's housing and homelessness issues on political, legal and policy agendas across Canada. Using a human rights framework, they  advocate for policies and programs that will improve women's access to housing that is safe, secure, stable and affordable.

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