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Whitehorse Detox Centre
Jean Tweed Centre

Provides a treatment facility for women 16 and over with substance abuse problems from throughout Ontario and is funded by the Ministry of Health.

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Four Villages Community Health Centre

The centre's goal is to foster a healthy community.

AVENTA Addiction Treatment for Women

Provides drug, alcohol and gambling addiction recovery services to women. Facilities offer residential, outpatient and long-term recovery services. Programs are based on the concept that addiction is a holistic illness and requires change in four areas: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

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Centre Smoking Clinic (Centre for Addication and Mental Health)
Provides service for smokers who want to quit or work on their addiction to nicotine. Professionally facilitated.
Action on Women's Addictions - Research and Education
Forms an organization that conducts health promotion and prevention activities on the subject of women and addictions. Produces easy-to-read health promotion information for women. Advocates for appropriate health promotion strategies and treatment services for women. Sponsors public forums for service providers and the general public. Conducts women-centred, community-based research. Lobbies for healthy public policy regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Provides support to community organizations who require more education and training. Facilitates mutual support groups for women in the community. (See Details)
Women for Sobriety
Helps women alcoholics recover from problem drinking through the discovery of self, gained by sharing experiences, hopes and encouragement with other women in similar circumstances.
The Citizens for a Tobacco-Free Mattawa
Women's Drug and Alcohol Group
Provides a safe place where women can explore their substance use. Also provides the opportunity to learn and practice specific skills that may help her reduce her use of substances and to increase her ability to access community resources and break social isolation. Professionally facilitated.
Quit Victoria