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Breast Implant Line of Canada

Acts as a support and self-help group for women who have had, have or are thinking of having silicone gel breast implants. Works with doctors, researchers and others to gain more knowledge about the health conditions caused by silicone leakage.

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United Silicone Survivors of the World Canada Chapter

Provides support and information to women who have breast implants, typically dealing with problems. Recommend practitioners to contact regarding treatments available for women with Atypical Connective Tissue Disease caused by Silicone toxicity.

Coalition of Silicone Survivors
Forms an organization that assists women with silicone and saline breast implants to educate themselves on facts concerning these implantable medical devices. Provides information to persons with other silicone implant devices. (See Details)
Breast Implant Information Project
Provides a website for girls and women considering breast implants, and for those who already have implants and want more information. Collects, analyses, and summarizes information from peer-reviewed research. (See Details)