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Alberta Metis Women's Association

Alberta Métis Women's Association is a founding member of the Métis National Council of Women,Inc., which is a national autonmous Métis women's organization.  Alberta Métis Women Association seeks to assist in educating and empowering Métis women, in rurual and urban communities throughout Alberta.

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Métis National Council of Women

Seeks to foster a contemporary understanding of the traditions and roles of Métis women. Addesses and responds to issues and concerns of Métis women and their children.

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Native Women's Association of Canada
Works to enhance, promote and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations and Métis women with First Nations and Canadian societies. Addresses the following issues: the Indian Act, the constitution, family violence, HIV/AIDS, justice, health-related issues, child welfare, and Aboriginal rights. (See Details)
Metis Culture & Heritage Resource Centre
Provides cultural, education and social programming for Métis peoples and all others who are interested in Métis culture and history. (See Details)
Métis National Council
Forms a national representative of the Métis Nation in Canada. Acts as the voice of the Métis Nation in constitutional negotiations at the national level, and acts as an advocate and negotiator for the Métis people with the Government of Canada and at national conferences and fora. Also represents the interests of the Métis people on the international stage. (See Details)
Métis Child and Family Services Society
Promotes health and well-being of Métis children and families by building on the capacity of the Métis community through the provision of culturally sensitive and appropriate programs and services. Offers a Women's talking circle. (See Details)
Métis Women of Yorkton
Responds to the needs of children and their families who are at risk for family violence in Yorkton. Targets Metis people, and especially Metis parents and children who are experiencing family violence, and also serves both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Services offered include: developing men’s and women’s healing circles, using traditional Aboriginal models; interviewing clients to assess their needs; acting as a liaison to other resources and agencies; facilitating appropriate therapies for clients; counselling clients and groups about family violence; referring clients to other programs if needed; and educating clients and the community about family violence.