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Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre

Our mission is to improve the health - considered as the state of physical, mental and social balance - of children, teenagers and mothers of Quebec in association with our health care, university and research partners.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-identified (LGBT) Family Coalition

Advocates for the legal and social recognition of LGBT families.  A bilingual group of LGBT parents and future parents exchanging information, sharing resources and having fun together with our children.

The LGBT Family Coalition works for the legal and social recognition of LGBT families in collaboration with government bodies and the media. We work to increase the visibility of our families and to raise public awareness of the reality of LGBT families. The LGBT Family Coalition creates new resources that can be used in primary and secondary schools, daycares, doctors’ offices, community organizations or social services to sensitize the public about our families and the diversity of our family structures.

Founded in 1998, the LGBT Family Coalition is the result of the merger of two highly successful non-profit community organizations: The Lesbian Mothers Association of Quebec and the Papa-Daddy Group

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Alternative Moms Canada

Forms an advocacy group for queer moms and their children and currently has branches in both Peel Region and Toronto, Ontario, open to all lesbian, bisexual, transexual, intersex, two-spirited, queer and questioning women who are also parents, co-parents, step-parents or foster parents. Provides emotional support, social networking opportunities and community resource referrals for both the mothers and their children.

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Sheway Project

Offers practical support, health care, and counselling for high-risk pregnant women (up to 18 months after the birth) who have drug or alcohol issues and are involved in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Aims to support healthy pregnancies and positive early parenting experiences.

Mothers Are Women
Forms a feminist group working to support mothers who have chosen to be the primary caregivers of their children and remain at home with them for some amount of time. Offers mothers an opportunity to reduce their isolation, network with other women, and develop their abilities to create changes on both personal and political levels. Provides a support network through public workshops, discussion and book groups, and various organizational committees. Also provides resources and materials for anyone interested in running a workshop or discussion group in their community. Produces a national quarterly magazine, HomeBase. Works to compile resources, provide information and advocate on social, economic and political issues concerning mothers from a feminist perspective. Addresses such issues as child care, economic security, rights and access to social benefits, gender equality in public policy, and the measurement and valuation of unpaid work in Canada's national accounts. (See Details)
Association for Research on Mothering
Forms a feminist organization devoted specifically to the topic of mothering-motherhood. Provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of feminist, academic, and community grassroots research, theory, and praxis on mothering-motherhood. (See Details)
Mothers Against Fathers In Arrears (M.A.F.I.A)
Provides support and advocacy for single mothers who are not receiving support payments from the child/children's self-employed father.