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Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors

Addresses the relationship between environmental risk factors and breast cancer through a variety of research and education strategies. Translates scientific findings and data into understandable and accessible information.

NOTE: The BCERF Program on the Cancer Risk of Environmental Chemicals in the Home and Workplace closed on March 31, 210. For more information, go to:

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Sentier Nouveau
Northwestern Ontario Breast Screening Program
Breast Health Program

Offers complete, compassionate and timely health care to women experiencing actual or suspected breast problems.

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Ontario Breast Cancer Information Exchange Partnership (OBCEP)

The Ontario Breast Cancer Information Exchange Partnership is a coalition of organizations working together to improve access to information and support for women and their families affected by breast cancer.

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Hope Breast Cancer Information and Resource Centre

Assists individuals whose lives have been touched by breast cancer by providing information, support and referral to support programming. Provides resources and support to individuals who are concerned about breast health issues.

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Breast Cancer Support Services

Forms a self-help organization dedicated to the support of women and men concerned about breast cancer and breast health. Web site includes information on their services, as well as breast cancer information.

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Willow Breast Cancer Support & Resource Services

Works to build and sustain a provincial, accessible, survivor-driven breast cancer resource that enhances the effectiveness of breast cancer support, information provision and advocacy.

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Breast Cancer Centre of Hope
Provides support and help to women with breast cancer including professional consultations with Nurse Educators, peer consultations with breast cancer survivors, links to other programs, a lending library, a newsletter and a prothesis bank. (See Details)
Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia

Forms an advocacy group and provides support to women through the process of getting together and discussing common issues. Provides local resources and contact information, news and events, and a discussion forum.

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