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Essex, Kent & Lambton District Health Council

A voluntary advisory council to the Ministry of Health concerned with local health planning issues * within systematic framework the Council is responsible for objectively assessing community needs and planning a co-ordinated health care system to meet those needs within government policy * the council is also responsible for advising the Ministry on changes in health care spending and on requirements for human resources in health care.

Health Canada-Ontario Region
Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC
Forms a registered society that is open to medical doctors with specific expertise or a general interest in complementary health care or integrative medicine. Evaluates developments in complementary and integrative health care. (See Details)
Alberta Midwifery Committee
Forms the governing body of the discipline of midwifery, registers and disciplines midwives, and advises government on matters relating to the regulation of midwives in Alberta.
Canadian Psychiatric Association
Forms a national voluntary professional association for psychiatrists dedicated to ensuring the highest possible standard of professional practice in providing psychiatric services to Canadians. (See Details)