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Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group
Works on social justice and environmental issues. (See Details)
Women and Environments Education and Development Foundation
A non-profit, charitable and voluntary organization born out of the vision of a group of women to provide a forum for the discussion of issues and concerns on the impact of our built, natural, and physical environments on Women's Health. WEED is the umbrella organization for the publication WE International (formerly Women and Environments) and the organization Women's Network on Health and the Environment (WNH&E). (See Details)
The Centre for the Advancement of Health
CFAH is a nonprofit policy organization that aims to achieve te widespread acceptance and use of a view of health that recognizes the contributions of physical, behavioral, psychological, social, and environmental factors in promoting health and preventing and treating disease. (See Details)
Environmental Working Group
Conducts environmental research. (See Details)
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
Forms an organization dedicated to helping communities assess and improve their environmental health status. Alerts and informs the public of the health hazards of pesticides, nuclear industries and other commercial, military, and industrial products. (See Details)
The California Body Burden Campaign
Forms a network of public health, environmental health and justice, faith and labor organizations working to establish a California biomonitoring program. (See Details)
Toxic Nation
Works to protect the environment and human health. Web site includes informaiton on toxic chemicals and their impacts on human health. (See Details)
Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment
Forms a multi-racial alliance of feminist activists, health practitioners and scholars committed to promoting the social and economic empowerment of women in a context of global peace and justice and to eliminating poverty, inequality, racism, and environmental degradation. Builds collaborations among the public health, drug treatment and reproductive rights communities to resist the unethical tactics of the cash-for-sterilization program known as C.R.A.C.K. Monitors and opposes quinacrine chemical sterilization. Provides new analysis on the experiences of women of color with the violence of law enforcement. Opposes the 'greening of hate,' the penetration of the environmental movement by conservative anti-immigrant individuals and organizations. Surveys secondary-school social studies textbooks on population and the environment and working to develop alternative curricula. Educates population and environmental organizations on the problems of using demographic alarmism and rationales in explaining the causes of global problems. Campaigns against immunological contraceptives and dangerous contraceptive practices. (See Details)
Canadian Partnership for Children's Health & Environment
Forms an affiliation of groups with overlapping missions to improve children's environmental health in Canada. (See Details)
Women's Healthy Environments Network
Works to educate the media, policy makers and general public to the fact that environmental health is a key determinant of public health. Promotes the primary prevention of environmentally linked health problems such as cancer, asthma, immune system related conditions and others by advocating the reduction of toxic emissions; a shift to safe production models, biological agriculture and lawn care; more efficient, renewable energy sources; affordable public transportation; and more. Focuses on the primary prevention of women's reproductive health problems, as well as other environmentally linked health issues. (See Details)