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Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative
Forms an organization that works to improve the mental health and well-being of Canadians by increasing collaboration among health care providers, consumers, families and caregivers. (See Details)
South West Health
Forms one of nine district health authorities serving the province of Nova Scotia. (See Details)
The Leadership Council
Provides the public with accurate, research-based information about a variety of mental health issues and to preserving society's commitment to protect its most vulnerable members. (See Details)
National Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research
Works to provide research capacity to address the pressing mental health needs and concerns of Aboriginal peoples in rural and urban settings. (See Details)
Keele Street Women's Group
Provides a supportive environment where women can increase their social support network and learn about community resources.
YMCA of Greater Toronto Choices for Living Program
Provides emotional support to women experiencing mental health difficulties.
Culture and Mental Health Research Unit
Conducts research on depression, anxiety and somatization among Canadian First Nations and Inuit peoples, immigrants and refugees, and in multicultural primary care settings. (See Details)
National Network for Mental Health
Forms an organization that advocates, educates, and provides expertise and resources for the increased health and well-being of the Canadian mental health consumer/survivor community. // Forme un organisme qui existe pour intervenir, éduquer et fournir l’expertise et les ressources pour le bien-être et une meilleure santé de la communauté des consommateurs/ survivants de la santé mentale canadienne. (See Details)
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Creates resources and tools to help prevent and treat mental illness and addiction. Operates clinical and research facilities in Toronto, as well as 12 community offices across Ontario. (See Details)
Psychiatric Survivors Network of Elgin
Works to address the inequities of the mental health system identified by people who have been the subject of psychiatric treatment (mental health survivors) by encouraging and empowering psychiatric survivors, encouraging and organizing educational activities, making presentations to government about mental health issues, encouraging independent living, encouraging self-advocacy, whenever this is possible, and networking with other psychiatric survivor groups. (See Details)