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Snow Country Health Council  
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Mandate Goals: The Snow Country Health Council provides Acute Care, Home Support, Mental Health Counselling, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Parenting Programs, and Contracted Doctors under one administration in the Stewart Health Centre.
Core Services Provided: The Core Services it is involved in providing are; Health Promotion, Prevention and Public Health services, Treatment (acute and chronic care), Home Based Care, Mental Health Services, Substance Misuse Services, Finance, Management and Administrative Support.
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Port Alberni Drug and Alcohol Counselling

For adults with addiction or concurrent mental health/addiction issues contact Port Alberni Mental Health & Addictions located at 4780 Roger Street, phone (250) 724-3554. Hours are 8:30 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Please call first to schedule an intake.


For adults in crisis with addiction or mental health issues contact the Community Response Team. A team of nurses is available to help clients in need of stabilization from alcohol or drugs. See Port Alberni Mental Health & Addictions for contact information.


For youth with addiction or concurrent mental health/addiction issues contact Alberni Valley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Services (A.D.A.P.S.) located at 4259 6th Avenue, phone (250) 724-6166. 


For youth with mental health or concurrent mental health/addiction issues contact CYMH Port Alberni located at 4000 Stamp Avenue, phone (250) 720-2650. Call first since the therapists are located in a separate building.

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Sheena's Place

Provides support services to people affected by eating disorders in a non-institutional, accessible way.

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Vancouver Richmond Mental Health Network

Provides mutual aid opportunities to those who go through the mental health system in order to promote personal growth and healing.

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Freedom From Fear Foundation

Forms a non-profit organization which helps those who suffer from panic, anxiety and agoraphobia disorders. Offers support groups across Canada and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Pictou County Women's Centre

Works in the community with individuals to effect the kinds of changes that will offer women and adolescent girls a sense of empowerment, more choices, and more control over their lives.

Four Villages Community Health Centre

The centre's goal is to foster a healthy community.

Across Boundaries

Forms an ethnoracial community mental health centre which provides a range of services and supports to people from communities of colour who are experiencing severe mental health problems/severe mental illness.

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Mental Health Foundation
Works to help people survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems. Brings together teams that undertake research, develop services, design training, influence policy, and raise public awareness. (See Details)
Canadian Mental Health Association
Works to the promotion of the mental health of all people, and to ensuring the provision of best possible services for people with mental health problems. Web site provides links to mental health information, fact sheets, national projects, and more. (See Details)