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Ontario Self-Help Network

Forms a program of the Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto. Supports the development of self-help groups, networks, organizations and centres in Ontario. Promotes the use of self-help strategies across Ontario.

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Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto

Provides information and referrals to self-help support groups in Toronto, across Ontario and Canada. Assists individuals in starting or maintaining groups, maintain a clearinghouse of information on self-help groups and hold conferences, workshops, etc.

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La Leche League Canada

Promotes breastfeeding through education, information, encouragement, and mother-to-mother support. Services include a telephone support network, meetings where mothers can learn about breastfeeding, publications for mothers and health professionals, and sponsorship of conferences and professional seminars.

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Rainbow Resource Centre
Serves the needs of the gay and lesbian community in Winnipeg by providing services and facilities such as a telephone counselling line, a library and archives and meeting space for groups and events. Provides the general public with information, speakers and workshop leaders on the topic of homosexuality. (See Details)
The Endometriosis Network Canada

Shares information, concerns, hopes in a safe, supportive and confidential atmosphere. Professionally facilitated.

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Multi-Ethnic Association for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities

Forms an organization that was created to give persons with disabilities from different ethnocultural background and their families a resource capable of supporting their steps toward integration on all levels, and direct them toward resources that meet their needs. Aims at full participation and integration into society, for all people, on all levels and its approach reflects this philosophy when carrying out activities and organising services. Responds to requests with regard to adaptation, jobs, income, education, francisation, immigration, social integration, justice, housing, and health. Also offers a self-help group of Spanish-speaking parents and a Committee of Women with disabilities from ethnocultural communities.

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Osteoporosis Support Group (North York)

Provides a mutually supportive environment for the exchange of personal concerns and ideas as well as an opportunity to socialize with others. Increase knowledge of osteoporosis prevention, management and treatment techniques. Improves knowledge of existing community resources related to osteoporosis.

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Thalassemia Foundation of Canada
Digby County Family Resource Centre
Campbell River Family Services

Campbell River Family Services Society, a non-profit, charitable organization has been providing quality services to individual, children and families living in the Campbell River area since 1977. CRFSS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and is staffed by qualified, dedicated individuals at all levels of the organization.

Our wide range of programs and services includes support, counseling, education, prevention and crisis intervention. Campbell River Family Services Society has been accredited by C.A.R.F. (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) since November 2004.

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