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Infertility Awareness Association of Canada

Works for choices and access to treatment for those with infertility concerns, through awareness, support, and education. Services include a telephone support line and educational seminars and workshops.

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Infertility Network

Focuses on infertility and provides the public with information and support through a newsletter, videos, tapes, brochures, seminars and conferences, educating high school students, assisting researchers in surveys of patients on their personal experiences, and proposing legislation of New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies.

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University of Alberta Hospital Infertility Clinic
Winnipeg Infertility Resource Centre

Offers a lending library, information ,referrals and peer counselling for people experiencing infertility.

Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society
Promotes the study, education, and research of fertility, sterility and andrology; responds to social needs in regard to the complexities of human reproduction; provides expertise in the accreditation of clinical and laboratory therapeutics in new reproductive technologies; establishes valid processes for the measurement of outcomes of therapy. (See Details)
InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc. (The)
Provides information and online support to couples facing infertility. (See Details)
Ferre Institute, Inc
Provides the latest and most accurate information about infertilility, family building, and genetic risk.
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Works to advance knowledge and expertise in infertility, reproductive medicine and biology. (See Details)