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Immigrant Women of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon
Provides a drop-in centre; catering services and offers weekly English As A Second Language (ESL) classes. Currently working on Health & Poverty Reduction project; Youth Leadership and Toastmaster. (See Details)
Battlefords Family Health Centre
Primary care facility
Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
Seeks and receives funding from government and non-government sources for the advancement of research. Encourages and facilitates research in health sciences; the health-related social sciences and other health-related fields of study. (See Details)
Gay and Lesbian Health Services of Saskatoon
Forms an organization working to address health and social issues in the gay, lesbian and bisexual community. Provides services to all people dealing with homophobia and heterosexism, including lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgendered and questioning people regardless of where they are on the health continuum. (See Details)
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan
Forms a statutory, self-regulating body charged with the responsibility of licencing properly qualified medical practitioners, developing and ensuring the standards of practice in all fields of medicine, and investigating and disciplining of all doctors whose standards of medical care, ethical or professional conduct are questioned. (See Details)
Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan
Forms an organization which exists to educate, inform and empower through law-related education. (See Details)
Immigrant Women of Saskatchewan - Regina
Operates a drop-in centre; a catering service; and provides counselling and support for immigrant women and their families. In partnership with other community agencies conducts research in the area of family literacy, healthcare, family violence, etc. Conducts training programs in the areas of employability skills, life skills, computer skills and race relations, when funding is available.
Youth Resource Centre Mental Health Services
Provides mental health services to youth including assessment, individual counseling, therapy groups, therapeutic recreation, and a Day Program.
Immigrant, Refugee and Visible Minority Women of Saskatchewan
Works to raise public awareness about issues affecting immigrant, refugee and visible minority (IRVM) women. Promotes the participation of IRVM women in Canadian society. Provides education, counselling and language classes. Administers the Health of Immigrant Children Project. Undertakes research and public advocacy activities on issues concerning IRVM women. Networks with other equity seeking organizations. Offices in Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon and Yorkton.