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Direction générale de la condition féminine de l'Ontario

Provides focus for government action on issues of concern to women - in particular, social, economic and justice-related issues. Web site includes listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), publications and research, and links to other sites. Organisme qui conseille le gouvernement sur les mesures à prendre en ce qui concerne les questions préoccupant les femmes, en particulier celles d'ordre social, économique et juridique. Elle compte deux principaux secteurs d'activités : la prévention de la violence faite aux femmes et la promotion de l'autonomie économique des femmes.

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Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women
Works to ensure that development policies and plans influencing women’s health status, included women’s and gender perspectives. (See Details)
Manitoba Women's Advisory Council
Advises the Manitoba government on issues concerning the status of women. Promotes the equal participation of women in society. Work focuses on issues that have legal, social or economic impact on women's lives. Prepares briefs, submissions and reports that contain recommendations for change, relayed to government through the Minister responsible for the Status of Women. (See Details)
Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women
New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Works at promoting equality of opportunity, freedom from discrimination, equal treatment, equal benefit, equal status, equality of results - as well as respect of differences - between women and men in all sectors of New Brunswick society.

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Status of Women Canada

Promotes gender equity and the full participation of women in Canada's economic, social, cultural, and political life.

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Women's Policy Office, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Central agency within the Newfoundland government coordinating the development of programs and policies for the benefit of women in the province. Their mandate is to achieve social and economic equality for all women in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Yukon Status of Women Council
Forms an advocacy and awareness group for women's issues, both locally and nationally.
Vancouver Status of Women
Works with women to ensure our full participation in the political, social and economical life of our communities in the profound belief that women's self-determination is a crucial step towards a just and responsible society. Develops resources materials and conducts research. Presents public education programs and outreach and providing information, self-help referral services to individual women and other organizations. (See Details)
Women Looking Forward
Forms an umbrella organization for groups and individuals with an interest in women's equality issues. Works to increase the participation of women in all aspects of society and provides a venue for women to become incolved in political, economic, community, and other social issues.