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National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC)

National Action Committee on the Status of Women is an action-oriented organization made up of over 700 groups from all over Canada. In 1971 the NAC started with 30 groups that have expanded to become the largest umbrella organization of women's groups in Canada. Committed to equality and social justice for all women, it focuses mainly on advocating for changes that will improve the STATUS OF WOMEN, such as those in child care, violence against women, poverty and minority rights. In addition to supporting provincial and local issues, the NAC participates in conferences and actions to promote international solidarity between women and advocates for women's equality rights globally.

Once funded almost 100% by the federal government, NAC now raises all of its operating funds through membership fees, donations, project grants and special events. Priorities for each year are set at the annual general meeting. The executive is elected from the membership and, with the exception of the president, comprises voluntary positions.

Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women
Status of Women Manitoba

Works to influence government decision-making to ensure that the unique needs and concerns of women are integrated into public policy, legislation, and programs. Conducts research, policy and gender-analysis and raises awareness of emerging issues. Works with other government departments and the community to promote measures that will help women achieve equality. Generates government initiatives that reflect specific concerns and priorities of Manitoba women that require the Directorate’s intervention. // Oeuvre pour influer sur le processus décisionnel du gouvernement afin de veiller à ce que les difficultés et les besoins particuliers des femmes soient intégrés à la politique gouvernementale ainsi que dans la législation et les programmes.

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Cornerbrook Status of Women Council

In our more than 20 years of operation, The Corner Brook Status of Women Council has been engaging in activities to realize its Mandate. We participate in agency, activism and provide direct service for women. We have been operating since 1975, and incorporated since 1985. We are governed by a volunteer board consisting of 15 members, four of whom are the executive: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary. We hold monthly meetings participate in subcommittees to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the Women's Centre.

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Yukon Status of Women
Conseil du statut de la femme

Forms a government consultation and study council that has devoted itself to promoting and defending the rights and interests of women in Quebec. Advises the Quebec government on all issues regarding the status of women, and seeks to keep women and the general public informed on matters within its purview.

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Manitoba Status of Women

Promotes gender equality and the equal participation of all women in society.  Works towards improving the economic, legal, social and health status of women.  Contributes to ending exploitation and violence against women.

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Institute for Women's Policy Research

Forms a public policy research organization dedicated to informing and stimulating the debate on public policy issues of critical importance to women and their families in the United States. Focuses on issues of poverty and welfare, employment and earnings, work and family issues, the economic and social aspects of health and safety, and women's civic and political participation.

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Calgary Status of Women Action Committee

Works to raise awareness and educate the public on a wide range of Women's issues. Offers activities and resources including publications, workshops, resource library, research, writing, discussion groups, speakers, films and videos, and an Internet site. Proudly sponsors "herland: a feminist film and video celebration."

St. John's Status of Women Council & Women's Centre

Forms an organization that promotes the social, economic and personal equality of women in Newfoundland and Labrador. Dedicated to the empowerment of all women while working within a feminist framework.

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