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Forms a grassroots organization committed to helping families cope with the effects of mental illness through support, education, information and advocacy. Provides support groups, education programs, recovery workshops and speaker evenings.

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Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador

The Assembly of the First Nations Quebec and Labrador works towards:

  • Affirmation and respect of its peoples rights
  • Recognition of First Nations’ Governments
  • Increased financial autonomy for First Nations’ Governments
  • Development and creation of our public administration for First Nations’ Governments
  • Coordinate the mechanism for the First Nations decision-making process
  • Represent positions and interests in of various forums
  • Define the strategies to advance common positions
  • Have our cultures and languages recognized
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Native Alliance of Québec Inc.

The Native Alliance of Quebec  takes the interest of the Metis and off-reserve Indian people on all occasions and to coordinate their efforts in the goal to promote their common interests in one collective action. It promotes recreational activities for the Metis and off-reserve Indians, to assist them in the development of a social fraternity, a dignified and human understanding to contribute to help our people better understand their history, their accomplishments and their contribution to the Canadian society. It establishes and maintains the necessary funds to ensure legal advice to safeguard their legal and constitutional rights.

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Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies

Provides information, education and training, adapted support services and avocacy for families afflicted by Alzheimer Disease in Quebec.

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Canadian Lactation Consultant Association
Forms an association for those interested in the promotion, support, and protection of breastfeeding. // Forme un organisme pour tous ceux et celles intéressés par la promotion, le soutien et la protection de l'allaitement maternel. (See Details)
First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission

Forms an organization that strives to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of First Nation and Inuit individuals, families and communities in respect of their local autonomy and culture. By helping the communities that wish to initiate, develop and promote comprehensive health & social programs and services as designed by First Nations and Inuit organizations recognized by our First Nations and Inuit.

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Vidéo Femmes

Vidéo Femmes is a centre for independent women videographers in Quebec.


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