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Office of Research on Women's Health
Promotes, stimulates, and supports efforts to improve the health of women through biomedical and behavioral research on the roles of sex (biological characteristics of being female or male) and gender (social influences based on sex) in health and disease. (See Details)
Center for the Advancement of Health
Translates health research into effective policy and practice by ensuring that evidence of how social, behavioural and economic factors affect health is used to prevent, treat and manage disease. (See Details)
Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Understanding the Biology of Sex and Gender Differences
Examines policy matters pertaining to the health of the public. Advises U.S. federal government and, upon own initiative, identifies issues of medical care, research and education. Researches and reports on role of gender in determining health. (See Details)
Women's Health Australia
Forms a national research resource providing information on women's health issues. Follows young, mid-age and older women for up to 20 years and will explore factors that promote or reduce health in women who are broadly representative of the whole Australia population. (See Details)
Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Conducts research that provides information and evidence with a view to protecting and improving the effectiveness, quality, equity and efficiency of health care in Ontario. (See Details)
Immigration et métropoles
Forme un des quatre centres d’excellence canadiens créés dans le cadre du projet Métropolis et représente un réseau de plus de soixante chercheurs qui proviennent de plusieurs institutions universitaires partout au Québec. // Forms one of the four Canadian Excellence Centers created within the framework of the Metropolis project and represent a network of more than sixty researchers who come from several universities everywhere in Quebec. (See Details)
Institute of Medicine
Examines policy matters pertaining to the health of the public. Advises U.S. federal government and, upon own initiative, identifies issues of medical care, research and education. (See Details)
Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
Promotes and funds management and policy research in health services and nursing. (See Details)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Translates research findings into better patient care and provides policymakers and other health care leaders with information needed to make critical health care decisions. (See Details)
La pratique infirmiere en regions éloignées et rurales du Canada
Forms three-year project is to examine and articulate the nature of registered nursing practice in primary care, acute care, community health, continuing care (home care), and long term care settings within rural and remote Canada. Examines what nursing is really like in rural and remote communities and explore how nurses can best be educated and supported in their work. // Forme une recherche de trois années qui a pour but d'analyser et de mieux comprendre la nature de la pratique infirmière dans divers milieux de soins en régions éloignées et rurales du Canada: soins de santé primaires, soin aï, santé communautaire, soins à domicile, soins de longue durée. S'intéresse à ce que signifie "être infirmière" dans les communautés éloignées et/ou rurales afin de mieux cerner les besoins d'encadrement et de formation. (See Details)