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Rae-Edzo Friendship Centre
Vancouver Rape Relief
GPI Atlantic

Founded in 1997, GPIAtlantic is an independent, non-profit research and education organization committed to the development of the Genuine Progress Index (GPI) – a new measure of sustainability, wellbeing and quality of life.

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National Watch on Images of Women in the Media

In Canada, the National Watch on Images of Women in the Media (MediaWatch) Inc is a bilingual (French and English) media-monitoring organization. It became an autonomous organization in 1983, originating as a sub-committee of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. National Committee members are women who are experts in their fields. MediaWatch relies on their expertise and contacts to ensure that it can successfully reach its goals.

Its main objective is to have a media environment in which women are realistically portrayed and fairly represented in all their physical, economic, racial and cultural diversity. It does this by educating media industries, government, and the public. It conducts research and encourages community action.

In a recent research project in partnership with the University of Toronto it investigated the response of "tweens" (11 - 14 year old girls) regarding the effect of media on body image and self-esteem. The results were distributed to appropriate groups/individuals/agencies to be used to educate the general public, media organizations, and industry regulators.

Over the years, MediaWatch has influenced public policy, educated and mobilized consumers to advocate for change and contributed substantive research to the field. Through research analysis and public education, MediaWatch works with and trains health professionals, educators, researchers, students, community members, and media and industry personnel on how certain media portrayals of women and girls affect individuals' body image and self-esteem of individuals.

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Capilano University
New Brunswick Health Care Association

The New Brunswick Healthcare Association is a not-for-profit organization incorporated by special act of the New Brunswick Legislature in 1961. Its current mission is to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information concerning health care issues in order to support the highest level of coordination and cooperation in delivering health care services to the citizens of New Brunswick.

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Port Arthur Clinic
Women Working With Immigrant Women
Red Deer Community Health

Red Deer's Community Health Centres offer programs and services that place a high emphasis on wellness, disease and injury prevention, and pediatric rehabilitation and support. Continuing Care placement services provide a single point of entry to more than 300 long-term care beds in Red Deer.

Canadian HIV/AIDS Information Centre

Collects and circulates a comprehensive collection of AIDS educational materials across Canada, and acts as the central Canadian documentation centre on AIDS education materials.


We regret to inform you that the Canadian HIV/AIDS Information Centre, a program of the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), has ceased operations, effective March 31, 2008.

As of April 1, 2008, you may contact the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) for all your HIV/AIDS resource needs at:

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)
555 Richmond Street West, Suite 505, Box 1104
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1
1.800.263.1638 [toll-free]
Fax: 416.203.8242

The staff of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Information Centre would like to thank our many clients, creators of materials and suppliers for their interest and commitment to our work as a part of the HIV/AIDS community. It has been a pleasure serving and working with you, and we extend our best wishes to you and your colleagues for the continued success of your important efforts.

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