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Headwaters Health Care Center Community Breastfeeding Clinic
SVI Family Planning Society
Midlife & PMS Centre
Women's Health Clinic

Forms a feminist, community-based health centre offering a range of services to women from teen to elders. Offers health and wellness services which are women-centred, non-judgemental and fully confidential, advocacy and research on issues of concern to women's health, and health education to community and professional groups.

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Choice in Health Clinic

Provides a women-staffed reproductive health and abortion clinic in Toronto, ON.

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Women's Health in Women's Hands

Works to enhance sense of self-esteem and health by placing women's health into women's hands. It is a participatory centre for women of diverse backgrounds and needs. Constantly challenge our assumptions and analysis and we are committed to being advocates for change in our community.

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Vermont Women's Health Center
Provides women's health services including, annual exams, breast exams, and mammography referrals, cholesterol screening, menopausal education, and management, full choice of contraceptive methods, colposcopy and LEEP treatments for abnormal paps, abortion services, prenatal care, one to one relationship with your physician assistant team, deliveries at Fletcher Allen Health Care, and comprehensive medical and surgical treatments for OB/GYN problems. Sliding scale fee available.
Asian Women's Health Clinic
Provides Pap smear testing and annual breast examination to Asian women. Women can either self-refer or be referred by their family physician, but must have family physican who can receive any tests results. (See Details)
Provides breast and cervical cancer screening for women with disabilities who are not able to have these exams in their doctor's office. Does not require doctor's referral, but clients do need a family doctor to receive test results. (See Details)
Hassle Free Clinic: Women's Clinic
Provides reproductive health services for women in a feminist, non-judgemental, non-racist, lesbian-positive manner. Offers anonymous HIV testing, birth control information and methods, birth control pill starts/restarts, IUD counselling and insertions, diaphragm and cervical cap fittings, fertility awareness teaching and training, STI testing, treatment and follow-up, pregnancy testing, counselling, abortion referrals and post-abortion check-ups, Pap tests, breast examinations, other gynecological related appointments with their doctors, individual counselling and support for HIV+ women, sexuality counselling, alternative insemination counselling, presentations to community groups and organizations, displays at community events, needle exchange, emergency contraceptive pills, and general women’s health education and referrals. (See Details)