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National Action Committee on the Status of Women

Organization that sought to promote the equality rights of women in Canada through legal education, research and law reform advocacy. 


This organization no longer exists. For information about NAC’s history, please see:

National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC)

National Action Committee on the Status of Women is an action-oriented organization made up of over 700 groups from all over Canada. In 1971 the NAC started with 30 groups that have expanded to become the largest umbrella organization of women's groups in Canada. Committed to equality and social justice for all women, it focuses mainly on advocating for changes that will improve the STATUS OF WOMEN, such as those in child care, violence against women, poverty and minority rights. In addition to supporting provincial and local issues, the NAC participates in conferences and actions to promote international solidarity between women and advocates for women's equality rights globally.

Once funded almost 100% by the federal government, NAC now raises all of its operating funds through membership fees, donations, project grants and special events. Priorities for each year are set at the annual general meeting. The executive is elected from the membership and, with the exception of the president, comprises voluntary positions.

Prevent Cancer Now

Works to build and sustain a Canada-wide movement that will generate the resolve and the actions required to eliminate the preventable causes of cancer.

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Pine Tree Native Centre
National Watch on Images of Women in the Media

In Canada, the National Watch on Images of Women in the Media (MediaWatch) Inc is a bilingual (French and English) media-monitoring organization. It became an autonomous organization in 1983, originating as a sub-committee of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. National Committee members are women who are experts in their fields. MediaWatch relies on their expertise and contacts to ensure that it can successfully reach its goals.

Its main objective is to have a media environment in which women are realistically portrayed and fairly represented in all their physical, economic, racial and cultural diversity. It does this by educating media industries, government, and the public. It conducts research and encourages community action.

In a recent research project in partnership with the University of Toronto it investigated the response of "tweens" (11 - 14 year old girls) regarding the effect of media on body image and self-esteem. The results were distributed to appropriate groups/individuals/agencies to be used to educate the general public, media organizations, and industry regulators.

Over the years, MediaWatch has influenced public policy, educated and mobilized consumers to advocate for change and contributed substantive research to the field. Through research analysis and public education, MediaWatch works with and trains health professionals, educators, researchers, students, community members, and media and industry personnel on how certain media portrayals of women and girls affect individuals' body image and self-esteem of individuals.

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Nova House






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The Pro-Choice Action Network (Formerly the British Columbia Coalition for Abortion Clinics)

The Pro-Choice Action Network (formerly the B.C. Coalition for Abortion Clinics) is the political and activist wing of British Columbia's pro-abortion movement.


Supported by donations and individual members and donors, along with thousands of dollars of tax-payer money, it was responsible for the establishment of B.C.'s first free-standing abortion clinic, the Everywoman's Health Centre.


(Sorry, we no longer have a phone, fax, or mailing address)

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Women Working With Immigrant Women
Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services
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