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Native Women's Shelter of Montréal
Immigration et métropoles
Forme un des quatre centres d’excellence canadiens créés dans le cadre du projet Métropolis et représente un réseau de plus de soixante chercheurs qui proviennent de plusieurs institutions universitaires partout au Québec. // Forms one of the four Canadian Excellence Centers created within the framework of the Metropolis project and represent a network of more than sixty researchers who come from several universities everywhere in Quebec. (See Details)
Epilepsy Canada
Promotes and supports research into all aspects of epilepsy. Works to create awareness and understanding of epilepsy through educational programs and advocacy. (See Details)
Nunavik Health Board
EJLB Foundation
Breast Cancer Action Montreal
Forms a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the issues surrounding breast cancer. Stivres to educate the public, through public lectures, debates and seminars, about the many controversies associated with breast cancer. (See Details)
Services familiales chinois du grand Montréal
Sun Life, Eastern Canada Regional Service Centre
McGill Student Health Services
Cree Board of Health & Social Services